We are specialized in the design of all types of setting

Our team of professionals carries out all the steps of your project in our workshops, from design to installation.

The manufacture of sets involves a large number of specific skills linked to the materials that we are using, from static sets to mechanized sets.

We have a young and dynamic team, allowing us to create your settings with precision and efficiency.

We combine different techniques to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality, costs and installation.

Our imagination and creativity are limitless !

We work with all types of materials: wood, metal, etc.


Allow live performance to fully express its art

The stage space is the play area reserved for the different performers, actors, singers, dancers or musicians for the performance of a show.

Outdoor, in a theater or an atypical place, Idées Techniques adapts the stage surface to offer the audience optimal vision, and to the artists, performers and speakers a maximum of comfort.

The involvement of all of our professionals, from structure to sound, including lighting and setting, allows the live show to fully express its art.